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Im following a number of blogs on here that preach about the importance of good body modifications and ‘attempt’ to teach others online about the procedures etc. This i am perfectly happy about but the anti ‘claires accessories’ posts i cant ignore, as they seem to be posted by people just as fucking ignorant as half the people that come in for a piercing. Yes i work at a Claires Accessories that does ear lobe and in the rare occasion their ear is suitable, the odd cartlidge piercing. These are done with a piercing ‘gun’ which has changed in recent years to make it a human pressure insert instead of the spring loaded guns from 5 years ago. No matter where you go for a piercing, wether it be a piercer who does it with a needle or a shop that does it with a cartridge gun, there will always be experiences that are negative, or a peircing that doesnt go quite right. Ive been doing piercings with Claires for over a year now and i have only ever had a single complaint against me, and it was found that the issue was caused by the girls own stupidity and not listening to my advice.

The main issue with Claires piercing seems to be the child aspect of it. We pierce from 4 months old, true this seems like a young age however in hispanic cultures they pierce from 2 days old in the hospital, so we are behind if anything. Also Claires refuse to pierce babies unless they are fully imunised, with their parents and i know i have spent hours with one child making sure they are happy and content before the procedure happens. Yes they do cry after but its short term and trust me ive had adults cry and wine and freak out on me more than a baby that, if they are happy before the piercing, will cry for only a minute or so. Its also no place for other people to judge another parent, at least they are comming somewhere sterile and safe when they are so young, when i have had to fix and clean piercings done on babies done by family members, no blog mentions the good work that Claires Access, do with the peircings that go wrong at other piercing places, or the letters and chocolates ive gotten from kids as young as 2 saying thank you for making them feel safe and happy.

Claires go through after care procedure, and yes their cleaning solution might only be sterile solution but at least it gets them cleaning it and rotating the piercing. People see babies crying, for a split second and assume its some form of child abuse. get a grip, move on with your lives and dont judge the people who are trained to do the job they are doing.

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